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Our Mission: A Perfect Pupper in Every Home!

“At the K9 Enrichment Center, our mission is to foster strong bonds between dogs and their owners through effective communication, positive reinforcement, and personalized training. With a deep understanding of canine behavior and a passion for empowering both dogs and humans, we strive to create a harmonious partnership that enables every duo to reach their full potential. Through our comprehensive training programs and dedicated support, we aim to enhance the lives of dogs and their families, making every day together a rewarding and joyful experience.”

Every dog we touch
We change forever

About Ryan Levine

Founder, Owner, & Head Trainer

Ryan Levine has always had a strong connection with animals. As a child he was told stories about; when he was 2 years old, he was under the kitchen table with a very unfriendly German Shepard. The whole family shocked and amazed that Ryan was able to go face to face without a reaction from the canine. Ryan was unknowingly primed his whole life in order to be here to help every dog possible. Ryan remembers when he was a young adult (not knowing what he knows now), how challenging and frustrating animal communication can be. Especially, when you are first starting out on your path. Thinking you are doing everything “right” and still not getting the desired results.
This is something Ryan brings to every dog, and every human, in every training session. Life experience!

Ryan has helped a myriad of dogs. All shapes and sizes. All with unique issues that required years of experience in order to successfully help.

Ryan is a Canine Manners Master! Ryan has mastered the art of k9 communication. Nature created his training method, but Ryan Levine as the “observer” learned his communication skills from the very same canines that he set out to help. And now he has made it available for everyday use by puppy parents, dog rescuers, and canine caregivers everywhere. Our communication system is proprietary. Only a K9EC certified k9 communication specialist can teach it. Our method creates a proper balance in the human/dog relationship and builds a strong bond of trust and loyalty that will last a lifetime!

“Frankie went to the K-9 Enrichment Center for two weeks for boarding and training. Ryan was absolutely fabulous walking not only Frankie, but me as well, through everything. He consistently made her feel comfortable, loved, and respected, while training her to be the best she could be. She’s still my happy-go-lucky puppy, but she’s so much easier to walk. Highly recommend!

-Maggie G

“We highly recommend K-9 Enrichment Center. Ryan and his team are amazing! We rescued a 7-month old husky/golden mix who had only ever known life in a shelter. He needed to learn basic commands, but more importantly, he needed to learn to trust humans and acquire proper social skills with other dogs. Ryan taught him both in a very short time. He loves to go to “school” now! K-9 Enrichment Center is reasonably priced and really love what they do. Thank you K-9 Enrichment Center!”

-Bonnie E

About Crystle Barrs

Co-founder & Lead Trainer

Crystle is a co-founder of the K9 Enrichment Center. Crystle graduated from Animal Behavior College and is an ABCDT. She is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a member of the Pet Professional Guild, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Crystle has been recognized for her work and is currently a mentor for Animal Behavior College and CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.

Crystle’s goal is to bridge the gap between dogs and their people. With years of experience and a number of expert mentors, Crystle brings a training experience unrivaled by any other to the table. She believes the best method for training is not to rely on a single method, but to tailor a custom method to each dog. This has proven to provide the best results and the happiest, healthiest relationships for a family and their dog(s).

“Ryan and Crystle have always been absolutely amazing with our dog. We have a very energetic dog that requires a trainer to understand him. Let me tell you I have never been more proud of the changes our boy has made in his behaviors and that’s all thanks to Ryan and his guidance in his training. We confide so much that when we leave on long vacations we let our boy board with them. Our dog Alphino absolutely loves going to the center and we wouldn’t know where we would be if we couldn’t rely on Ryan and Crystle. I highly recommend them.”

-Cindy C

“Ryan and Crystle where great to work with. We took our labradoodle Jozie for 4 weeks. She’s made huge improvements every week. We learned so much from watching them work with her and them answering any question we had. There facility is really clean and very welcoming. I would recommend Ryan and Crystle to everyone.”

-Fabian G

Why Choose K9EC?

Because we’ve consistently succeeded when other trainers have failed!

It is quite common for dog owners to hire us after they’ve tried other trainers and/or classes. We are not your typical dog trainers who charge by the hour or lesson. Most of our Dog Training Programs are commitment-based, which means we work with you until all of your goals are met, no matter how lengthy the training is. We value the relationships we build with our clients. If you run into issues years down the road, you can give us a call!

Everyone’s situation is different, which is why our training programs vary based on the individual dog, the owner, and the situation. Our approach will also allow for adjustments as the owner and the dog learn how to better communicate, and as the situation changes. Cookie cutter approaches will not get you or your dog to where you need to be. We will assess the situation during our evaluation, discuss the recommended training method, and develop a custom training program. We train you as well as your dog(s), so you could say we are also people trainers!

We are referred by a number of Veterinarians because we get results. And we are extremely proud of the testimonials we receive from our clients.

All in the K9EC Family

Tucker Levine, from a "Stinker to a Star!" Former 11 month old "wild-child" surrendered rescue rehabbed into a king. King Tuk-Tuk!
Bugaboo Barrs, patient and kind. Her heart full of love; Certified Therapy Pet was always her calling.
Oliver Aka "Ollie, the Awesome Aussie"
Charley's (Aka Sir Chuckles, Aka King Charles The 1st) Senior Pictures. Charley is the reason, the catalyst that led Ryan down his path.
Chewie, "The Force Unleashed!" Like most Wookiees, Chewie was misunderstood. Former 16 month old "aggressive" rescue turned Captain of the bridge.
Chester, from a "Killer to a Kisser." Former 6 year old severely aggressive and fear reactive rescue. Chester lived his life in isolation, three prominent trainers in Lee County tried to help him with no avail. Once he was in our care, it took Chester no time to learn to trust the world. If you knew him before, you can contest! Chester is not the same dog. We do what they say can't be done!

K9EC PupStars!

Ziggy, "The Amazing Aussie", with 16 week old Oliver by his side.
Lieutenant Riggs reporting for duty! Sargant Murtaugh is too old for this..
"The name is Tacoma, but you can call me Mr. T!"
Titus always turns heads with his class and style!
Remy and Tucker have become the best of buddies. Friendships made at the Enrichment Center last a Lifetime!
Bright eyes Luna (beagle mix on the right) always has a blast learning with her fur-friends!
Big & Small; We do it all!
Beau on the left with Tucker on the right.
Tucker on the left with his buddy Winston on the right!
Ranger (on the right) and Tucker early morning waiting for the day to begin.
Enzo and Benny ready for the day!
Personality is a Priority!
Baby Bennet is a Treasure!
Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.
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